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MerCar® [murkhar]: coveted by trophy anglers and classic car buffs alike; half fish, half vintage auto, a hybrid designer toy series conceived and created by Thomas Troisch. Barrett-Jackson's catch of the day; the Merstang®, Ca-Mer-O® and Mer-Goat® are the first of our 1960s - '70s inspired candy-color-coated classics, on fish-finned scaly chassis. Just like fish in the sea (or cars on the road) the toys' interchangeable bodies are made for limitless collectability. The first 1:24 scale prototype is scheduled for early 2020.

MerCars® revive the car culture and newly discovered past-time (SCUBA) of the outrageous 1960s and 70s. At Troublefish® we draw on many influences, above all, a love of vintage cars, the complex simplicity of mid-century design as well as the allure of the deep. We also learned that modern toys - like the fads and licensed IP they represent - are fleeting and ultimately, forgettable. Those that stand the test of time are fueled by the imagination of children and adorn the collector's shelves. Elegant. Simple. Abiding. 



After 3 years of design, development and encouragement a stunning toy has emerged. MerCars® are candy-colored iconic automobiles from the 1960s -70s - down to the details - flawlessly gliding through the waters on streamlined fish chassis. Each hybrid comes with its own story to spark the imagination. 

1969 GTO color chart

1969 Mer-Goat® Northern Pike (Esox lucius) hybrid concept illustration - currently in 3D digital sculpting phase.

Making the Mer-Goat® prototype.

From sketch to master high resolution resin 3D print - the positive for a silicone mold. The fish body is currently in the early stages of 3D modeling and prototyping.

The original planned line-up.


The unmistakeable fastback silhouette, with an impressive roofline and a tail-end that'll stand out amongst its brethren in the fishing hole. Classic FORD racing blue with a brilliant white GT bands front to back.


There is nothing muted and discreet about this head-turning kick-off of the 1970s. True to the zenith of the muscle car era the Ca-Mer-O® is draped in bright "go faster" yellow with jet black double stripes down the middle.


A striking "grabber" orange coat with chrome and racing stripes this Mer-Goat® embodies the true soul of 1960's muscle. An appearance assertive enough to be seen from space, "THE GATOR" demands attention in the pond.

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