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Many exciting things are in the works right this moment!  Capt. QUINT® is available upon request (Late War edition hand-painted, resin). Classic Horror Movie Pin-Ups Series I and II is up for grabs (limited to 66 hand-signed cotton rag prints). There is a limited number of Z-kits® still in stock. Our latest project, MerCars®, is soon to enter prototyping for a set of 3 muscle car/fish hybrids in the 1/24 scale! Make sure to check in often, as things are happening right now - stay up-to-date and follow us!

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Blogger? Journalist? Content Creator? Writing an article, or looking to reviewing a great new designer toy? We'd love to provide you with our collection of resources to meet your specific press needs. Assets on this site may be used for editorial purposes only.

 the Troublefish® brand factsheet. (PDF format)

Project specific data-sheets.

 the MerCars® product sheet. (PDF format)

 the Horror Pin-Ups product sheet. (PDF format)

 the Capt. QUINT® product sheet. (PDF format)

 the Z-kit® product sheet. (PDF format)

For product images to download, please check the individual project pages.

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Full LOGO on dark background

Mark without circle


Minimum Logo Size

HEX # 000000

RGB 0/0/0

CMYK 75/68/67/90

HEX # 363636

RGB 54/54/54

CMYK 69/63/62/56


RGB 255/255/255

CMYK 0/0/0/0

HEX # 33262F

RGB 51/36/47

CMYK 67/73/56/63

HEX # 793C66

RGB 121/60/102

CMYK 53/86/35/17

HEX # AA759B

RGB 170/117/155

CMYK 36/61/18/0

Color palette



Our mark without circle is strictly limited to social media branding with preset viewing areas, and ONLY on a white background. The usage of our brand in this form should be avoided in reqular communications.

Mark with circle

troublefish logo
troublefish logo

Stand-alone brand mark

Full Logo

Full LOGO on light background

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LOGO and COLOR usage guidelines.


non-uniform scale, stretch, or squash the logo.

animate or add special effects to the logo.

rotate, flip, or otherwise change the direction of the logo.

change the color or shade of the logo, do not add gradients to the logo.

add text or punctuation to or around the logo.

obstruct, cover up, or overprint any part of the logo.

use older versions or any other marks/logos to represent the Troublefish brand.

37 px

160 px

Allow for a minimum bounding box of 125% around Logo

Negative Space

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