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Classic Horror Movie Pin-Ups

New Age horror with a mid-century twist - Pin-up girls, illustrated by Thomas Troisch, inspired by antagonists from the late Golden Age to the Modern Age of Horror. Each limited Artist Proof, signed and numbered, is printed on 100% cotton-rag watercolor paper (285gsm) in Savannah, GA. Series I, featuring Freda Krueger, Jacie Voorhees and Billie the Puppet, launched in 2015. Series II released Michelle Myers, Pyramid Head and Lipstick-Face in 2017.

From morbid curiosity to the physical exhilaration of fear (in the secure confines of our trusted recliner, off course), our fascination with horror movies is primal. Yet, often criticized as the demise to our moral fabric, the genre (and pin-ups, alike) is enjoying a revival among collectors. As of the early 1970s, horror movie villains have rocketed to cult status audiences conscientiously rallying for their favorite "bad guy". Over the past 20 years antagonists such as Jason Voorhees, John Kramer, Leatherface and Pinhead have left their mark in my professional and creative development.

series I

Available NOW.

series II

Available NOW.

series III

Announced for 2020.

Starting from scratch...

Outside of modern horror franchises such as Paranormal Activity and Resident Evil, identifying the antagonist is almost fool-proof. After scouring the vast expanse of the internet and poring over hardbound coffee table tomes, we engage a model to strike the selected classic pose. In the true spirit of Pin-Up art, the model is sketched and the roughs are refined (and stylized) in the form of a red line drawing (pictured above left) - which is embellished with the movie specific elements in post. The image is scanned, inked and colored digitally. A locally sourced printing facility, Savannah Color Separations Inc, transfers the final rendering, via 4 color press, onto 100% cotton-rag watercolor paper (285gsm). Each limited single production run is hand numbered and signed.

In addition, each illustration is hand painted onto 30x40 inch canvas, multi-media and acrylic, purposed for gallery display (future sales pending). 

Image Usage

© and ® All Classic Horror Movie Pin-Up images are vested in Troublefish and Thomas Troisch. All rights reserved. Allowance is made for "fair use" including, but not limited to; teaching, news reporting and research. 

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