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Captain (Capt.) QUINT® is a limited productioneight-inch resin designer toy designed by Thomas Troisch. He is the very first in a series of nautical-themed, mid-century technology inspired, retro-styled collectible toys. The Late War Camouflage launched in 2016, along with additional special editions previewed below.



In a world where sharks have evolved with some appendage roughly equivalent to opposable thumbs, this adaptation gave them the capability to create technology, and thereby to dominate the seas to such an extent that the bony fish never came into their own, and so eventually humans never evolved either. The sharks developed their technology in a progression roughly parallel to our own technological evolution. All of their major cities are along the coastline, and although most of them prefer to swim in the ocean, they have devised inventions to allow them to live on the land or in fresh water, and some individuals prefer these ecosystems. Their species developed cyborg type augmentation earlier than we did, so while the current shark toy may be sporting jet engines equivalent to our 1950’s era designs, it has them surgically anchored to its artificially reinforced skeletal system, and has the controls hardwired into its nervous system.

The CAPT. QUINT® Stroy.

During the Cayman Islands rebellion, Capt. Quint piloted a Class V Juggernaut Assault Vessel. Frustrated by the local pups in hopped-up twin-prop vests blowing right past him, he realized that no matter how big and powerful his amphibious tank, or how many millions of doubloons it cost, the Great Whites would never be able to annihilate Tiger Sharks who could not be caught. 


Requesting a transfer to the Advanced Research and Design division (A.R.D.), Quint put his years of special-forces experience and heavy-vehicle training to work in developing high-velocity augmentations.  His abdomen now sports the latest chrome-plated jet-engine, the controls of which are hard-wired into his nervous system, and he currently leads base defenses at A.R.D.’s advanced weapons testing facility. Hundreds of leagues away from reinforcements, but within a good day’s swim of the border and under constant threat of Tiger Shark attack, he and his troopers get more than their fair share of chances to prove which new augmentations should be disseminated throughout the forces—and which are on the fast track to becoming chum.

Making the Capt. QUINT® prototype.

The TOY.

Capt. QUINT® is the first in a new series of collectible 8-inch vinyl nautical themed, retro-styled designer toys. Crediting his namesake to the ill-fated shark hunter of Steven Spielberg’s 1975 JAWS, Capt. QUINT® is inspired by the distinct lines of legendary comic-book artist Hergé, the iconic designs and vivid markings from the golden age of aviation, and our inherent fascination with sharks.

Color Palette.

The exaggerated body contours and geometric make-up of the engine is optimal for a diverse variety of color themes and applications. In line with the original story, I opted for environment specific battlefield camouflage - light and dark green algae patterns for the 2016 launch. Check out some of the others bellow... 

Clients have commissioned custom skins including, among others; various airline liveries, company/industry branding, and local sports team colors.

Image Usage

© and ® All Capt. (Captain) QUINT images and the toy sculpt are vested in Troublefish and Thomas Troisch. All rights reserved. Allowance is made for "fair use" including, but not limited to; teaching, news reporting and research. 

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Savannah jet shark designer toy
Savannah jet shark designer toy
Savannah jet shark designer toy
Savannah jet shark designer toy
Savannah jet shark designer toy
Savannah jet shark designer toy
vinyl toy shark designer toy features
vinyl toy shark designer toy
Capt. QUINT designer toy shark

Product images. (high resolution)

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