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... the place where fins and fish scales, vintage chrome and V8s come together in the fantastical DESIGNER TOYS by Thomas Troisch.

welcome to TROUBLEFISH...


Come see the NEXT BIG THING! Top notch craftsmanship since 2014.

Horror movie pin-up prints
Retro jet-shark designer toy

We are Troublefish, an independent designer toy brand founded by industry veteran, Thomas Troisch. We are designers, animators, gamers, ad-men, and nerds. We take tremendous pride in making fun toys and unique collectables for discerning humans to enjoy for many years to come. We trust that each new toy we create will be the best one ever!


Established in 2014, Troublefish is based in Savannah, Georgia.


TOYS. By Thomas Troisch.

Marine Biologist. Creative Director. Toy Maker.


I am Principal and Founder of TROUBLEFISH®.

Alongside my entrepreneurial exploits, I work as an independent Artist-for-Hire as well as Senior Experience Designer for AWS. Prior to becoming a professional creative, I sought out a career path in marine biology – a natural choice when living in the Pacific Northwest.

Since founding Troublefish in Savannah, I have fallen back on my undergrad field of study, but this time, it’s for inspiration. Paired with my extensive experience in entertainment and marketing, a life-long interest in all things Sci-fi and a pinch of imagination, I have developed my very unique universe of designer toys.

Thomas Troisch. Founder.





Whether you have questions about Troublefish®, want to say hello, learn more about our products, or discuss new ventures - just drop us a line!

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